Libro de diferentes cifras (1705)

The Libro de diferentes cifras, copied in 1705 and held in the Biblioteca Nacional de España (Madrid), is one of the most important Spanish manuscripts for five-course guitar. It contains 107 anonymous pieces, except for one that is attributed to Francesco Corbetta. Gaspar Sanz is widely represented, both in literal copies from his Instrucción de Música and in the re-use of some of his variations. Several pieces are related to others by Santiago de Murcia, which perhaps makes it the earliest source by this guitarist. The collection abounds with dances in the French style, together with others of genuine Spanish origin. It includes pieces in the mixed style, punteado and rasgueado, of various degrees of difficulty.

Series: Cifras para tañer nº 1

Study and Edition: Francisco Alfonso Valdivia. Madrid: Sociedad de la Vihuela, 2008
Tablature for five-course guitar

xxiv + 73 pages

ISBN: 978-84-612-4884-1




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Diferentes cifras