El Maestro

“Luis Milán, VALENCIAN Valencian nobleman, refined courtier, writer of prose and verse, vihuelist, singer and composer, is one of the most notable multi-talented personalities of the Spanish renaissance” (Gerardo Arriaga)

Luis Milán: Libro de música de vihuela de mano intitulado El maestro. Valencia, 1536. Madrid: Sociedad de la Vihuela, 2008

Madrid: Sociedad de la Vihuela, 2008. ISBN: 978-84-612-1028-2.

Full colour facsimile reproduction, 202 pp

Introductory study by Gerardo Arriaga.

Full colour facsimile of the first of the sixteenth-century vihuela books, Luis Milán’s El maestro. It is a reproduction of the copy R/14752 held in the National Library of Madrid. Original size (290 x 200 mm). Four-colour impression on 120 gsm wire frame rag paper. Sewn binding with hard laminated covers of imitation parchment. This publication has already become a point of reference for performers, musicologists, bibliophiles, collectors and academic institutions, since it is the not only the first colour facsimile edition of this book, but also the only one currently available, since the previously published black and white facsimile is presently out of print. The color reproduction allows the reader to appreciate one of the principal characteristics of original: the ‘red ciphers’ in the pieces for voice and vihuela, Milán’s way of indicating the melodic line from which the singer had to perform.

The facsimile is preceded by an important introductory study by the musicologist and vihuelista Gerardo Arriaga. The quality of the printing and the characteristics of the paper and binding convert this into a luxury edition.



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“Playing from the pages of this new facsimile of El Maestro feels as though you were playing from a copy of the original. The quality of the edition multiplies my pleasure and shortens the distance between the past and the present”

— John Griffiths

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